Welcome to Umbria Glen Ellen!

After having been open for 21 years at our original 2nd and Howard location in San Francisco, Chef Giulio has re-invented his beloved Ristorante Umbria for Sonoma County, located at the world-famous Jack London Lodge. Welcome to the NEW Umbria Glen Ellen!

Authentic Umbrian Cuisine

Authentic Umbrian Cuisine

Take a culinary journey with delicious, time-honored recipes from Giulio’s hometown in Italy.

Only the Freshest Produce

Only the Freshest Produce

Chef Giulio uses delicious, fresh vegetables, many that are grown right in his own garden!  

Impeccable Wine Pairings

Impeccable Wine Pairings

Enjoy our vast wine selection featuring local Sonoma Valley and Italian labels.

Made With Love

Made With Love

Italian food is all about family, love, and amazing flavors. Come join us and be a part of our family!

There’s only one way to make a beginning, and that is to begin; and begin with hard work, and patience…
Jack London

Authentic Cuisine from the Umbria Region of Italy

Giulio Tempesta, inspired by his family, set out to create the only Italian restaurant in San Francisco to feature a menu specific to the Umbria Region of Italy.

Giulio’s creation, with the support of Michela Tempesta, was Ristorante Umbria. They established one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. The decor, the food and the friendly service all add up to the ambiance that made Ristorante Umbria so special and kept guests, both local and visiting, coming back for more.

It is with that same spirit that the menu for Umbria Glen Ellen was cultivated from the original menu, keeping old favorites and introducing new ones.

Buon Appetito!



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Located at the world-famous Jack London Lodge!